How to engage Doctors on Facebook and Instagram?

Engage Doctors on Facebook

We bring to you this highly relevant article about simple ways to engage Doctors on Facebook and Instagram. With 1.32 billion active users, Facebook is the most widely used social platform globally. Therefore, whatever your business goal whether lead generation, brand awareness, brand recall or website traffic Facebook should be a part of your digital marketing efforts.

Although ads format varies as per purpose the best content posts on Facebook or Instagram have the following qualities:

Visually Appealing:
The best posts are visually appealing. The posts with content people would naturally see in their feed appeal to users the most. Interruption posts are the least appreciated and discarded by users many a time. Moreover, the content needs to blend in with your feed rather than be an external part of it. This is one of the most essential factors to engage Doctors on Facebook and Instagram.

For example, Medical Device marketers should consider showcasing an interesting X-Ray or Scan to Doctors rather than a photo of their devices.

Ads need to be relevant to the audience they are targeted towards. Furthermore, Relevance is the factor that gets the targeted audience to click and learn more about your product.

Moreover, along with Relevant posts, Relevant audience can be decided on various parameters such as location, age, specialization, demographics among others. Marketers are strongly advised to experiment with audience types to reach optimal relevance.

For example:
 Showing an advertisement of a Record Management software to 22-year old interns will not bring as many interest leads as would showing the same advertisement to 27 to 35-year-old Doctors.

Clear Call to Action:
Call to action is nothing but the purpose that allows the user to click on the Advertisement. Moreover, the Call to Action for leads needs to be clearly defined as getting Quote, Know More, Read more among others.

For example, A product trial ads should have a button stating Get Free Trial or Get Trial rather than Know more like the Call To Action that would help obtain more clicks.

Bonus Tip: Scroll View
Scroll view allows marketers to experiment with different Adverts allowing users to click on the most relevant Ads appealing to them. Additionally, if you cannot decide on a correct brand positioning statements it’s best to create multiple ads all showcasing similar statements allowing users to select the ones that appeal to them the most.

For example: For a nutrition product you could have adverts on keywords such as “Fitness in one scoop”, “20 grams of protein in 300 ml”, “your daily dose of supplements” etc.

Furthermore, we continue our article above by bringing to you a simple video on Simple Ways to Target Doctors on Facebook.

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