Simple ways to engage Doctors at Conferences?

Simple ways ti engage Doctors at Conferences

Simple Ways Engage Doctors at Conferences. It’s a well-known fact that a division of a Pharma company at-least participates on average in about 8 to 10 conferences per year nationally and at-least 12 conferences per year regionally. Additionally, in a few specializations such as OBG/IVF the numbers are way higher with companies participating in 35 to 40 conferences per year.

In many cases the only way to engage Doctors in conferences has been through distribution of Freebies such as bags, flash drives, key-chains etc. However, these mediums to engage Doctors have failed in most cases providing almost negligible brand recall due to it’s lack of uniqueness.

This week we bring to you a brilliant video by Dr. Vicki Rackner on Simple Ways Engage Doctors at Conferences.

Best in Healthcare Digital Marketing Week #2

Hidoc Dr. Digital team brings to you our weekly article list on the best in Healthcare Digital Marketing across the Globe, Help Engage Doctors at Conferences.

Furthermore, hope you enjoyed reading our article and learned the different ways to engage Doctors at Medical Conferences. Additionally, we will be sharing more articles like these on a weekly basis. To see our entire list of articles click here.

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